Hot Beverages Paper Cups
4 oz (100 ml)
Hot Beverages Paper Cups
8 oz (230 ml)
Hot Beverages Paper Cups
12 oz (350 ml)

Hot Beverages

Satisfy your customer’s hot beverage cravings with style as well as convenience with ECS’s single side PE coated paper cups. We offer unique user experience with the best in class convenience and comfort on the go. Available in attractive generic prints and customized printing patterns to enhance your brand identity. These Paper cups are perfect for serving up Tea, Coffee, Lattes, Hot Chocolate drinks, etc.

Hot Beverages Paper Cups

More Details

Capacity Height (mm) Rim diameter (mm) Pack quantity Packs per Cartons
4 oz / 100 ml 62 63 50 20
8 oz / 230 ml 90 77 50 20
12 oz / 350 ml 115 87 50 20

*We also do sizes apart from the standard sizes mentioned.

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